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About company

Fokšan d.o.o the company for goods and services, was founded in 2001.

More specifically, we are:

  • Doing wholesale trades of household chemicals, cleaning and maintenance
  • Doing wholesale trades of office supplies and office equipment
  • Doing presentations of juices and drinks, alcoholic beverages, candy and snacks
  • Creating and printing advertising materials
  • Creating packages of your choice (New Year program)

In order to justify our slogan "All in one place" with the constant increase in our product range, we are trying to satisfy all the needs for the smooth operation of our customers.

Throughout many years of work, we have gained many satisfied customers that we are very proud of. We strive to build a long-term business relationship with our clients by making continuous improvements of labor and distribution.

Business goals

Our goal is to provide top-quality services and a rich range of products to our customers, and by increasing our range of products we contribute to our goal.

Consequently, we've joined up with a print shop that works exclusively for the needs of our clients, so it fully integrates their needs.


The main strategy in achieving a goal like this is building and maintaining excellent relationships and helping customers to do their job. Its basis consists of quality relationship with the clients, which consists of trust and understanding. This is necessary because their success directly reflects on our success.

Also, we always try to be as flexible in providing services to our customers, in terms of finding a solution that is ideal for both parties. This flexibility is also reflected in the fact that we provide a range of additional services to our clients.

Our job consists of understanding and meeting the needs of our clients and associates faster, more efficient and better than the competition, to the mutual satisfaction of both us and our customers.

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